Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paying for Healthcare Reform

For those of you cheering passage of healthcare legislation in the US Congress a big disappointment may be coming your way. Assume for a moment that nothing gets in the way of Obamacare and it becomes the way things are for things medical. Here's a minor perspective on how crazy it is.

Let's further assume there actually are 30 million people without healthcare insurance that want it. Low income individuals or families may have taxpayers cover the whole thing. Those not so low income may have a tax credit to help them pay for insurance. That also comes from taxpayers. Not to mention Obamacare strips some Medicare programs and removes a half trillion dollars, that's right, $500 billion, from Medicare.

What do you gain? Nothing. How does this create savings in healthcare? It doesn't. it just moves around who pays what and for whom. Most seniors on Medicare are not taxpayers any more. So if you remove a half trillion from their healthcare program who replaces it? Or are the skeptics right and you just let old people die for lack of healthcare?

Tax credits or entitlements paying insurance premiums for those with insufficient funds to purchase their own insurance gets multiplied by 30 million. Assume $3000 per person per year and you're looking at another trillion dollars. Where's that money coming from?

So y'all who thought the goose just laid the golden egg for your healthcare expenses, think again. All government entitlements and programs are paid for like everything else the government does. With money from taxpayers or money that is borrowed. And guess where the money to pay for the borrowed money comes from? That's right, TAXPAYERS.

Like any other source of funds taxpayers have a limited supply of it. And just like what got us in this mess, people expecting too much for too little from the medical industry, the demand will always outstrip the supply and no one will want to pay for it. So guess what? The problem never goes away. That is until financial ruin destroys our country if we let it.

If you cannot afford healthcare or if you did not plan effectively for life, maybe you don't deserve to live. Maybe that's nature's way of cleaning up the gene pool. But libs prefer to keep it substandard to promote their radical agenda.

Stanford Matthews

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