Thursday, August 6, 2009

Murdering People NOT Fetuses

Issues become layered with rhetoric. Often times we do not notice and that is by design. Maybe the same people who produce marketing strategies for consumer goods have a hand in managing special interest talking points. Words can be powerful tools. And those with talent and skill for manipulating the message can and do influence our impression of the debate. In the case of abortion ‘reproductive rights’ fits the pro-choice agenda. Even the word pro-choice as well as pro-life are carefully chosen for the impact they will have on debate participants.

But murder is murder. If you are responsible for the death of another and it does not fall under the category of self-defense or a similar exception you are guilty of murder. The conflict between the number of issues labeled ‘human rights’ and those who support the protection of individuals threatened or in fact harmed by others versus the number of people or babies killed by one or both of their parents via abortion is our times most provocative contradiction.

Conservative minds typically cherish freedom, individual liberty and accept the fact that with such things come individual responsibility. Heterosexual sex has many consequences not the least of which is pregnancy. It is generally accepted that traditional sex between consenting adults is a freedom of choice or even a right. Like every other right, and as stated earlier, there are consequences. If the two consenting adults or even minors choose to have sex and a pregnancy occurs the obvious result dictates a responsible action by both parties. Again, personal responsibility for the personal freedom requires accommodating the life the act has commissioned by providing for the life until that life is able to provide for itself independently. Besides the obvious humanitarian benefit no further problems arise from the result of the freedom of choice with successful discharge of the inherent responsibility. And it deems moot the need for laws, etc., supporting ‘reproductive rights’ as a substitute for responsibility.

If you believe the cavalier attitude toward life that results from casual sex or flagrant disregard for one’s responsibility for one’s actions renders abortion reasonable consider the following information.

Numbers play an important role in our decision making processes. Government, business, social and many other issues are characterized by ‘how many’ are affected and what can we do to accommodate those involved. It is easy to discount the unborn or some other constituency that has been reduced to some vague entity as described earlier with mention of the talking points crowd. The numbers provided in this post are not talking points. They are real and under the worst circumstances demonstrate how the role of abortion in society is the stealth serial killer. And we are all guilty. Those who are directly involved as well as those of us who sit idly by and allow it to continue. Check this out.

1. There are nearly seven billion people on the planet.

2. Of the top 19 countries by rank in number of abortions per year the total reaches nearly 6 million (equaling the Holocaust)

3. The average number of abortions in those same countries equals 4.2 per 1000 in population.

4. Even back in 1995 total abortions worldwide was approximately 46 MILLION !!

5. Abortion and partial-birth abortion is one sinister and disgusting practice.

6. And US politics contributes to the problem when it should resolve it.

The cries for human rights fall on deaf ears for many issues and abortion victims are no exception. Using Darfur as an example much angst and discomfort was generated by the world’s refusal to take timely action on this travesty. But no such outcry exists for abortion. As a species, how truly depraved we are. As witnesses to this macabre practice and based on common statutes related to ‘death’ we are by default all guilty of depraved indifference and 2nd degree murder. Punishable in many situations by 25 years to life. Connect that with your casual sex and disregard for personal responsibility. Exceptions may exist but not to the tune of millions of deaths per year.

Stanford Matthews

Selected notes on ‘depraved indifference’ or ‘indifference’:

Depraved Indifference


Under certain circumstances a person may be sentenced to death for a murder even if the person was an accomplice and not the “trigger person.” An accomplice may be sentenced to death if he or she played a major role in the murder and if he or she acted with reckless

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