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Limbaugh: A Conservative Beacon for Those Lost in the Wilderness

grim reaperReports of the demise of the Republican party have been greatly exaggerated. If that were not true the Democrats would not be making such a big deal about Rush Limbaugh lately. Is fear and self-loathing so prevalent among liberals that once they manage to put someone in the White House and maintain a majority in Congress all that remains is awaiting defeat? A familiar phrase has been used here and certainly elsewhere to describe the liberal tendency of ’snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.’ It does appear they are concerned about many things now that they are in a position to lead but are hearing the rumbles of discontent from the public including their own base.

So what remedy do they select? Continue to bash the opposition party rather than lead. Manufacture a story that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the GOP and attack him and those in his audience. For those who love to criticize conservatives for not being inclusive and rejecting ‘diversity’ take a look in the mirror. Anyone who disagrees with the Democratic party runs the risk of being a target. In the case of Rush Limbaugh, being a target of the Dems only helps him and distracts from any chance of liberals looking like they’re in command. Still looking to reclaim defeat.

Who are Rush Limbaugh’s listeners?
Christian Science Monitor -
Rush Limbaugh, always a force among conservatives, has been front and center in the mainstream media for the past week. First, Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee chairman, criticized the talk-radio host as an “entertainer” whose approach …

Why would someone ask this? With all the noise about the GOP and Limbaugh these last few weeks it is understandable. One excerpt from the report above echoes data reported in other venues as well.

There is little question the conservative talker is a special force in the American media scene. His radio show, broadcast Monday through Friday on 600 stations, is heard by about 20 million people weekly, he claims. That audience would dwarf most mainstream media: It’s bigger than any newspaper’s circulation by several magnitudes, and the TV networks’ nightly news programs garner only about 23 million viewers total.

The American ConservativeThere is data that estimates the number of registered Republicans to be about 50 million, Democrats 70 million and independents about 40 million. If Limbaugh has an audience of 20 million or about 13% of the previously mentioned combined groups, why are the liberals so interested? When he started in 1988 Bush 41 was the President. That was followed by two terms of Bill Clinton, two terms of Bush 43 and now Obama. At the end of Obama’s first term it will be an equal number of years in the White House by each party since Rush Limbaugh started in talk radio.

Rush Limbaugh toxic to Republican Party, says Bush speechwriter …
New York Daily News - ?8 hours ago?
By Jane H. Furse His controversial quips come faster than a locomotive and he leaps over spineless Republicans in a single sound bite. He’s Rush Limbaugh - and he’s kryptonite for the GOP, says conservative pundit David Frum. …

By headline alone, this blog author certainly disagrees with that statement. Limbaugh has an advantage politicians do not. Politicians may echo the sentiments of Limbaugh or similar ones of their own. But Rush Limbaugh is not hamstrung by the need for the politically safe strategy or concern over offending voters. He can enable a discussion on issues that might otherwise be lost for fear of voter backlash in the minds of elected officials. In that way alone Mr Limbaugh provides a needed service to the American public. And it does not matter whether you agree or disagree with him. It is having the discussion that is important.

united we standWhite House Scores On Republican Bickering
CBS News - ?12 hours ago?
(CBS) With the help of the White House and the Republican Party, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has grabbed headlines all week, his stinging diatribes sparing no one, Democrat or Republican, reports CBS News correspondent Randall Pinkston. …

Gee, imagine that. Limbaugh spares no one. And yet conservative voices including elected office holders continue to engage talk radio with Limbaugh, Hannity and others. It is not simply about the GOP. It is about conservative principles and protecting our nation. For all the talk from Obama and past politicians that Washington would be ‘cleaned up’ it is still operating as usual countered only by the likes of Limbaugh and talk radio which raise the warnings for all to hear, conservative or liberal.

Republicans appear to have faith in GOP
Times Daily - ?3 hours ago?
By Trevor Stokes Local Republicans appear to support their party’s national leadership, including radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s role in the party, even in light of recent squabbles over who is leading the GOP. Controversy arose when Rahm Emanuel …

You do not have to be Republican or in love with the GOP to understand in a two party system your choices are limited. That the public has rarely been able to mount a legitimate attempt at a third party or beyond in all these years if proof enough. The ballot is the only weapon the public avails themselves of with any frequency. Which means your choices are usually between whatever each major party is offering. For some time now the only logical choice has been the GOP. It is the only chance for those favoring conservative principles and philosophy. And it is by no means perfect.

RINOsSnowe, Collins: Ado over Limbaugh reflects struggles of party
Kennebec Journal - ?8 hours ago?
BY DIETER BRADBURY 03/09/2009 BY DIETER BRADBURY Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is casting a shadow over the Republican Party’s efforts to redefine itself after two losing election cycles. For moderate US Sens. …

If the author of the piece above is trying to argue the GOP should turn RINO like Collins, Snowe and Specter they are merely trying to encourage defection to the liberal agenda. That is something conservatives would find impossible to do. Which is why the three RINOs mentioned are called RINOs. At a time when a minority party needs all its members’ votes those who vote with the majority party are usually anticipating defeat in their next election cycle. Just as it was reported Democrats voting with the GOP against the bailout are at risk in their next bid for re-election.

What may have started this whole Limbaugh war from the left is his comment that he wants Obama to fail. It seems like a simple argument for his point of view. If Obama is pushing policies and an agenda that will lead to failure then wanting his agenda to fail or saying you want him to fail makes perfect sense. If you are a conservative and the most liberal President in many years begins to lead the country toward a shift that smells of socialism, of course you would want that to fail. Who the hell wants socialism? This is still the United States of America. Socialism is not welcome here. The end.

Stanford Matthews

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