Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hillary, Illegals and More Sex


Oh the joy of reading reviews on the Dems debate. While some reports suggest John Edwards 'shined' at this debate his numbers are so weak it helps the GOP side of things. Sure, plenty of front runners in the past ran out of steam in the early primaries and caucus events to allow a lower tier challenger to move up. But the odds currently do not suggest that Obama and Edwards would place first and second after the first vote or two. But those odds may improve significantly if Hillary Rodham Clinton's performance this week becomes her norm.

While her campaign favors the 'centrist' view and strategy, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so far out in left field she bungled her response to the immigration issue. Specifically, giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and in the 'out of the shadows' minefield.

Driver licenses for undocumented: Clinton stumbles
Baltimore Sun
Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York for the White House: Multiple-choice answers to the same difficult question. Clinton already suffers from a certain “if I ...

"If I were advising Hillary, and I'm not, I'd get her out front tomorrow to give a speech about the urgent need to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, because there is no going back now. Either she convinces people she is right, or she is going to get destroyed on that issue in the general election."

The statement above may be a stretch but there is no doubt HRC, aka, the Queen of Cringe will now have to direct attention away from her protected campaign practices that limit the discussion. Her strategy to act as if she is the nominee took a hit this week. And the recurring theme of her husband's history and the word 'sex' is floating around again.

He called Mr. Clinton "the best politician I've ever seen.... This guy can sell three-day old ice ... He's that good."

But he noticed during a visit by the Clintons to the Fords' Colorado home in 1993 that Mr. Clinton seemed overinterested in women.

"I'll tell you one thing: He didn't miss one good-looking skirt at any of the social occasions," Mr. Ford said. "He's got a wandering eye.... He isn't very subtle about his interest."

During Mr. Clinton's impeachment hearings in 1998 over his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Mr. Ford said he and his wife, Betty, had talked a lot about the subject.

"I'm convinced that Clinton has a sexual addiction. He needs to get help -- for his sake. He's already damaged his presidency beyond repair."

From 'Write It When I'm Gone, the excerpt above needs no help. But, you may recall that President Gerald Ford was criticized for pardoning Richard Nixon and received way too much press on some clumsy moments like tripping on the golf course. Surprising lack of grace for a former Michigan football player. Point is, many regard Gerald Ford as one of the most noble politicians to 'grace' Washington in a very long time. Honesty and integrity are popular terms used to describe this American. We could use more of that.

Stanford Matthews

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